First a little about me!

13 Nov

So you know who you reading about, here’s some info on me and where I’m coming from.  I’m a Chicago native, worked in the wealth management industry since 1991, married in 2004 and have two great daughters – a four and a half-year old and a one year old.  My wife and I are extremely family and kid-centric.  We love ethnic food, family friendly activities, travel and spending time with family and friends.

Since our first daughter was born, we have been avid Craigslist users – both as buyers and sellers.  We love a good bargain, as well as selling the stuff we no longer need and thus my mantra of “De-clutter for ca$h (or at least a tax deduction)!”

Before getting married and having kids, I was kind of a neat freak – just liked having a place for most things and most things in its place.  I am the youngest of 4 kids in a working class family.  My wife on the other hand, grew up with a nanny and household help, so our childhoods are rather different and when our worlds collided with love, so did our neat vs. messy attributes and we found a happy middle ground.  Hence my zest for “Organization.

After having kids and my wife becoming a stay at home mom, we made some changes in our family budget and have practiced and believe in recycling – birth of “Repurpose.”

Although my education (B.S. in Business Administration, Certified Financial Planner and Certified Private Wealth Advisor), interests and opportunities have led me into a good career in financial services/wealth management, I truly have a passion for education and sharing helpful information with others.  I am also a volunteer at Junior Achievement and a member of the volunteer Board of Directors at my daughter’s Montessori school.


One Response to “First a little about me!”

  1. Jenjame July 14, 2011 at 9:52 AM #

    Aw I LOVE this! It must have been challenging at dirt right? But it seems like u and ur wife have a great strategy and routine…similar priorities as well! I’m glad u wrote this!!!

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