Tips to Make a Lunch Box Fun!

15 Nov

My 4 & 1/2 year old daughter is not into sandwiches much, but to make our lives easier, it is quicker to whip up a ham and cheese sandwich rather than prepare her warm mac & cheese or spaghetti in her lunch box everyday.  So, here’s a few simple tips to turn the food in your ordinary lunch box into something fun & interesting!

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  • Use cookie cutters to make cool & fun shape sandwiches.  See the teddy bear I made for her with chocolate chips for eyes, a green pea for the nose and ketchup for the mouth (in transit one of the chocolate chips fell off, so she thought it was a pirate bear – LOL!).  For the Halloween season I made sandwiches with a bat, ghost and pumpkin cookie cutter – she loved it!
  • Bento box type lunch is fun and offers a variety of healthy foods.  We skewer fruit and use “fancy” cocktail toothpicks for hot dog bites to make it more fun to eat.  Use cupcake wrappers to help separate the different foods.
  • Try interesting & new veggies and things, like baby corn, humus, sugar snap peas and endamame.
  • Still need to give your kid a treat like chips – switch to “baked” vs. regular.  Yes, for standard potato chips there is a big difference in texture and taste, but for our family favorite of Crunchy Cheetos, the baked tastes and looks just like the regular!  Sunchips would also be a better choice over Doritos!
  • Check out this book – “501 Bento Lunches: 501 Unique Recipes for Brilliant Bentos.”  I was fortunate enough to borrow it from the public library.  There are very complex bento boxes in this book, but it gives you great ideas and super fun sandwiches that are not that hard to replicate – best thing is they have a photo of each bento and sandwich along with directions!
  • Look for neat lunch box gadgets and such at Japanese or Korean grocery and department stores.  Of course you can also order things on-line too.

Do you have some tricks that work?  Please share by leaving a comment.  Thanks!


One Response to “Tips to Make a Lunch Box Fun!”

  1. Alison December 13, 2010 at 7:25 PM #

    What a neat lunch. Great ideas you shared!

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