De-Clutter & Organize Kid’s Hair Accessories!

16 Nov

With a preschool age daughter who loves hair pins, clips and pony tail rubber bands, we had a mess of all these things mixed up in a box.  Then we tried sorting them out and placing them by category in clear sandwich bags – this was a little better, but was annoying to have to open and close the bags and still dig around a little in the bag.  Well, my wife found a jewelry holder at a Ross store for $7.99 and we repurposed it to de-clutter and organize our daughter’s hair accessories!  It’s double-sided and works great!  We just hang it on the towel bar in the bathroom and we can all see what’s in each clear pocket and our daughter can just look and choose what hair accessory to use each day – no more digging around!!!  So worth the eight bucks!

If you can’t find something like this nifty jewelry holder that my wife stumbled across, you can use a nice wide/thick/sturdy ribbon.  Hang it in the closet, a hook, towel rack, etc and clip all the hair accessories on it.  No more digging around for that pink or yellow or purple hair pin/clip – you can see it on the ribbon and get it right away!


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