Starting a friend on Craigslist (De-clutter for CA$H)

18 Nov

So, here’s how I went about helping a friend get started as a seller on Craigslist to “De-clutter for CA$H.”  She has heard about my success with Craigslist and asked me to help her out.  I’ve copied and pasted portions of our emails below to document the process.

FRIEND:  I have this exact snow suit from The Children’s Place that [my son] doesn’t need anymore that I wouldn’t mind selling.  It is a size 6-12 months.  He used it only a couple of times to keep warm and for pictures so it is pretty new.
They are selling it on eBay for $15.99 (link above) and I see on The Children’s Place website that they have something similar for $19.99 on sale.
I’m thinking we can price it for $17.99.  I don’t want to take less than $13 for it probably.
I’ll send you a picture or let me know if you can use the one from the eBay listing.  Also, let me know your thoughts on pricing.

ME:  I’d include the link to the retail one at Children’s Place but use my own photo.  People want to see the actual product to verify no rips, stains, etc.   On pricing, since they could get it new for $20, I’s list it for $15 and consider going as low as $10-12.  Do you want me to create and set up the post for you after you send me a couple jpegs (front & back)?  [The wife] and I always think “what are we willing to pay for the item?” – ideally 1/2 price since it’s used, but as much as 75% of retail if it’s like new and a “hot” item.

FRIEND:  Pricing sounds good.  I’ll send you pictures and a few other things this week for you to post.  I sent you my c-list account info.

ME:  I took a look at Craigslist for the competition, most ads are for girl snow suits, so this could be a plus!  Start with $15, but consider selling for $10.  The girl snow suits are listed for $6-$12 for like brand, size and condition.  Most people may not want to pay a lot because it’s a single season item and not necessarily worn everyday.  Send me the jpegs and I will set up your first ad!


LIKE NEW light blue boy’s snow suit in size 6-12 months. Keep your baby warm this winter!
Only worn a few times – no tears or stains. From a pet free and smoke free home.
Retails new for $20 at The Children’s Place. Asking $15 – cash and carry.


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