Secrets from a Stylist – Emily Henderson

19 Nov

 My wife & I watched the latest season of HGTV‘s Design Star and we really like the winner, Emily Henderson and her design philosophy that “home design should reflect personal fashion.”  She de-clutters, organizes and repurposes as she decorates to match the personality of the homeowner.  Check out her show, “Secrets from a Stylist” and her blog/website!

Each episode is just 30 minutes long, but that amazingly short time, you see Emily meet her clients, get some insight into their personalities and styles as Emily does her “style diagnostic” – a super neat analysis based on what hat/shoes/paint color/lamp shade/artifact/plate, you name it, that they select from a sampling that Emily gathers for them to select from.  Then Emily summarizes the styles, goes shopping at thrift shops and such and she actually does two versions of a make-over of the room(s) in the lucky clients’ residence.  Her work is amazing and such fun to watch!  This is my personal favorite HGTV show!!!  


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