Magical Tortilla!

22 Nov

Do you have a child that’s a picky eater?  Our preschooler is sometimes – she’s just not into eating a plate filled with a roast chicken leg, scoop of rice and a side of string beans.  Since we do not make her an alternate meal, the “magical tortilla” comes into play at our house!

The tortilla can make, as my daughter says, “The Perfect Meal” fun.  She gets to help make her own “perfect meal” as we cut the chicken meat off the bone and she places the rice, meat and string beans into the tortilla – a lot of times ketchup or shredded cheese is used to make it extra special and tasty.  Then it’s rolled up and poked with a toothpick to help keep it all together and “magically” she is eating the meal, just in a different format and with added fiber from a whole wheat tortilla!

The slide show below is our most recent magical tortilla – rice, tofu with ground pork, some plum sauce and shredded cheese to please!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The magical tortilla ~ it can wrap up any meal and make it fun!


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    […] Magical tortilla – my preschooler likes to make her own meal at times, and giving her a whole wheat or multi-grain tortilla for her to create her own meal/wrap from what’s being served for dinner works magically – just have some shredded cheese or mayo or ketchup for added pizzazz! […]

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