Create a Card Game with your Kid!

23 Nov

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It’s so simple and fun, all you need is scissors, cardboard or thick paper and a pen/marker.  My preschooler liked it so much, she wrote her own cards (phonetically) and we combined both sets.

All you need to do is cut the cardboard/paper into rectangles (or whatever shape your kid likes) around the size of a business card and have your preschooler come up with words that you need to act out when you pick that card – it can be verbs like run or dance, nouns like dog or fish, feeling like happy or mad, etc.  Write one word on each card and then place all the cards in a bowl and take turns picking a card and acting out the word!

After making our set of cards this past Saturday morning, my daughter and I played once right away and then again with the Mom in the evening before bed.

Pride of ownership and creating her own game sure beats spending $10-$20 on a board game!


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