Repurpose Glass Jars!

1 Dec

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Glass jars can be repurposed as a vase or to help you de-clutter and organize! For example, my wife loves the bottled Starbucks Frapuccinos with some added milk to tone down the sweetness in the morning.  These bottles are a nice size to repurpose as a vase – my preschooler loved placing flowers from our yard into the bottle on our dining room table during the Spring and Summer!  Another example is how my wife uses a glass spaghetti sauce jar to store home-made jam/preserves!

Also, the glass jars from Earth’s Best baby food are great when repurposed to bring out a daily amount of Cheerios/dry snacks for your infant/toddler.  These small jars fit easily into a diaper bag!  Remember, glass is BPA free! We also use these small glass jars to de-clutter and organize craft items – great containers for beads, buttons, etc or to rinse out paint brushes when your child is doing art at home!  Additionally, we use these jars to hold the “fancy” toothpicks and skewers for our daughter’s bento style lunch box!

Another great repurposing idea I came across is from – she has a great blog post of using glass jars as photo frames.  It’s super cool!  Be sure to check it out!

So, think about repurposing glass jars in your home – it’s useful recycling that can help you de-clutter and organize!


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