Repurpose & Make Your Own Music Shakers!

4 Dec

When our first daughter was born, we repurposed plastic water bottles and made our own music shakers!  After drinking the bottled water, dry the empty bottles and caps completely and then fill each with a different dry food/item ( i.e. uncooked grains of rice, beans, popcorn, pet food, sand, pebbles, coins, etc.) and glue the cap on.  You can also fill the bottles with water and some food coloring OR also add some oil on top of the colored water.  One of our daughter’s  favorites was dried mini marshmallows!  Just leave a handful or two of mini marshmallows out overnight and they will harden.

So, by repurposing plastic bottles and using items commonly found in or around your home, you can make interesting and fun music shakers.  Each different item in the plastic bottle will provide a unique visual and audio for your child(ren)!


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