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6 Dec
This is actually Tom's Restaurant, NYC. Famous...

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Have you heard of Restaurant.Com?  Check out the site for participating restaurants in your town or where you will be traveling to.  Great deals when you purchase restaurant certificates – usually a $25 certificate costs $10, BUT they have regularly have specials for 60-80% off!  I’ve gotten plenty of $25 certificates for just $2!  What a deal!  Good way to try a new restaurant as well.  So check it out and search by city or zip code for participating restaurants!


1) Don’t get overzealous and purchase too many certificates in advance.  I’ve been burned a couple of times when I pre-purchased and a few months later when I went to use the certificate, the restaurant no longer participated in the program and would not accept the certificate.

2) Look at the fine print for restrictions (may not be valid Fri-Sat, may have minimum food purchase amount, may add 18% gratuity before credit is applied, etc) .

But it’s hard to beat the deal at 80% off, so sign up and get the emails to be notified when the certificates are on sale!


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