Connnect With Your Kid(s) In The “Southern” Kitchen!

9 Dec

Who doesn’t love Paula Deen – Food Network personality, restaurateur and bestselling author???  To me she’s a down to earth, funny, friendly, you want to hug her Southern gal who can cook!  Now, you may need to cut back on some of the butter/cholesterol ingredients in her recipes, but man is her food good!

We borrowed “Cookbook for the Lunch-Box Set” from the public library and our preschooler loved looking through the book with us and she picked out 8 different recipes she wanted to try.  Simple format, nice illustrations of ALL materials and ingredients you and your child will need and fun categories of recipes (i.e. The Bake Sale, Pool Party, A Sleepover, The Family Cooking Night)! 

What a great way to connect with your child(ren) – have fun cooking together in the kitchen – an interactive process and you get to enjoy/eat your hard work!

Some of our favorites are: Pineapple-Cheese Sandwich, Stained-Glass Cookies, Three-Cheese Macaroni, Fruit Salsa with Cinnamon Tortilla Chips and Olive & Cream Cheese Sandwiches!


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