Trofast? Organize Toys & Have Kids Maintain It!

15 Dec

Do your kids rule the “family room” or if they have a playroom, are the toys all over the place like the scene of a battlefield???  That was our dilemma and then we discovered Ikea’s Trofast Toy Storage Series!  It’s affordable and efficient for easy storage and access to toys and you can get a taller unit and place the “only under supervision” toys/supplies like play dough/paints/etc in the top drawers for parent access only!

To get our daughter to put things back where they belong so she can find it next time, we printed the description in large bold letters and taped it to each bin.  So, she knows where to put her dress up shoes, doctor equipment, balls, etc!  Works like a charm and makes all of our lives just a little bit easier!

Ikea has a lot of neat and reasonably priced furniture/kitchen/storage merchandise and accessories based on simple Swedish design and lines.  Great place for college dorm or first apartment basics on a budget – meaning, in my humble opinion, not the best/top quality of items, but for the cost and amount of time you plan to use something, it can be a great choice! 

So, check out their website, request a catalog, or if you go to their store – they have a play area for kids and a yummy restaurant and snack shop – be sure to check out their clearance section for floor models or slightly damaged/dented/chipped items at real good discounts!  We found our TV entertainment unit and a bookshelf in the clearance section for 1/2 price (and already assembled) – sweet deals and no visible damage!


2 Responses to “Trofast? Organize Toys & Have Kids Maintain It!”

  1. Sandy Jenney - Organize with Sandy January 3, 2011 at 12:53 PM #

    I think these are great ways to organize your kids toys. They are colorful and easy for them to access. I also like that you labeled them! yeah!
    I love Ikea! I was just there yesterday. I made the 2 hour trip to pick up the Expedit wall unit. My office is completely torn apart right now. lol
    Thanks so much for linking to my Organizing Mission Monday Link party! Please be sure to stop back.

  2. radhikanavelkar January 3, 2011 at 10:07 PM #

    I loved that you used bold labels for the bins.

    Check out my To-Do list printable giveaway .

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