Favorite iPhone Apps for Toddlers

23 Dec

Do you have an iPhone (or iPad or iPod Touch) and think it would be helpful to entertain your toddler with it for 2-20 minutes while you’re at a restaurant waiting for food to arrive, in the waiting area of the doctor’s office, etc?  Well, since our daughter Julia was over a year old, we have resorted to getting kid friendly apps on our Apple devices and have found it wonderfully helpful!  So, this post will focus on apps for toddlers – say for a 1 year to 2 or 2 1/2-years of age…yes, that means our 1-year-old, Stella, is using these now!  We found these apps to be simple, entertaining, interactive and educational.

Calling All Knee Bouncers – Costs $1.99. 

Straight from the website KneeBouncers.Com, this colorful app replicates a phone keypad and as your toddler presses any number the number is spoken and after pressing ten numbers or the call button, a KneeBouncer friend appears and speaks to you.  It’s educational, interactive and engaging!






Tiny Tunes Toy Sound Machine – Costs $.99. 

A colorful music app with base display like a set of xylophone keys and has different sounds/instruments to choose from as well as some moving/dancing animals.   



Peekaboo Barn – The “lite” version is free!  The full version costs $1.99. 

Inside a bouncing barn are friendly farm animals waiting for your child to touch the barn and let them out.  Once the farm animal is released, you hear a child say the name of the animal and you hear the noise the animal makes.  Education in teaching the names and sounds of farm animals.  FYI – there is also Peekaboo Forest and Peekaboo Wild.

BubbleFree – Free! 

Original bubble popping app.  It’s like having a sheet of bubble wrap on your screen and you just keep tapping to pop as many bubbles as you can in a time limit.  Simple fun! 








MiniPiano – Free! 

Let your toddler tickle the ivories!  A piano keyboard on your screen for easy musical entertainment.




Uncolor – Cost $.99. 

For kids too young to color, they can uncolor!  Simple app with a beautiful picture under a black screen that the child “uncolors” by rubbing their finger across the screen.  Stella, our 1 year-old, loves doing this and seeing the magical colors appear after she swipes the black screen. 

There are tons of apps out there.  Share your favorites/recommendations by posting a  comment!  And don;t forget to update the apps you have to make sure you have the latest version/upgrades/new material!

Stay tuned for my future blog posts of our favorite apps for our preschooler and ourselves (my wife and I – our guilty pleasure that comes in handy while waiting in carpool, during dance class, etc!).


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