Infant/Kid Aspirator (Asian Style) Rocks!

26 Dec

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Do you use the typical blue rubber suction bulb/aspirator?  Are your kids okay with it?  Our daughters found it frightening and we also were nervous on controlling it and how far the tip would go into their nostril.

We swear by this Asian style/made aspirator, made by Pigeon, which you can order on Amazon (for a pretty penny, but it is SO worth it).  Both our daughters don’t mind us using this for them and it’s cool and gross at the same time that they can see their own snot in the little clear jar!  Also, it feels less scary than a big blue rubber suction bulb coming at a baby’s little nostril and as a parent I feel I have more control with the suction.

So, I highly recommend this type of nasal aspirator.  Honestly, if I had known how much they are selling it for on Amazon, I would have bought a duffel bag full of them when we were in Japan 2 years ago and would sell them on-line for less and still make some decent cash!  LOL!


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