Favorite iPhone Educational Apps for Preschoolers – Part 1

29 Dec

Do you have an iPhone or iPod Touch and considered letting your toddler-preschool age kid play with it to keep them content while out and about or waiting around? 

Well, in car rides, while shopping, at restaurants, airports, etc. we let Julia use our iPhones to keep her content and us sane.  That said, there are many educational and fun apps for a preschooler, so this blog post – part 1 of 2 – shares some of our (and Julia’s) favorite educational apps for preschool age kids! 

ABC Phonics Sight Words Kids Game – Free! 

This app has 4 games available on it (1)Flashcards to see the spelling, hear the spoken word and learn the word (2) Drag & Spell to hear the spoken word and spell the word – also helps develop motor skills by dragging the letters into the right order to spell the word (3) Unscamble tests your childs learning from the first two games as they need to unscramble the word without any audio cues and (4) Prize Award encourages learning as after completing each level in Unscramble, you get to go to Prizeland to play and win prizes.

FirstWords: Animals – Cost $1.99 (FirstWords: Sampler is free). 

Provides vivid images of animals with the spelling shadowed in beneath it and the block letters at the bottom of the screen.  Helps develop motor skills (as child drags letters to the right position), teaches recognition & matching of letters, learn names of letters and how to spell words. 






A Preschool Pattern Recognition Game – Cost $.99. 

Helps child build logical thinking and accelerate brain development.  Child strengthens visual discrimination as they match shapes and patterns, which can help learn problem-solving techniques.  A simple drag and drop to complete the missing part of the pattern makes this game interactive and helps develop fine motor skills as well. 

KidCalc 7-in-1 Math Fun – Cost $.99.  

Teaches number recognition, counting and math using flashcards and puzzle games, with engaging artwork, animation and audio.  Has multiples themes to choose from and levels appropriate for pre-schoolers through elementary school age kids.  Makes math fun! 






Toddler Teasers Quizzing – Cost $1.99. 

Focused educational fun with simplicity and full audio.  Displays colorful “quizzes” on shapes, colors, numbers and letters.  Child gets an electronic sticker reward to place on their electronic sticker reward collection sheet.



Teach Me Toddler – Cost $.99. 

This app teaches six different subjects – letters, abc phonics, numbers, shapes, colors and counting – all in a simple toddler friendly way.  Encourages continued learning/play with e-sticker rewards to display on the e-sticker collector scenes.

Stay tuned for Part 2!  Also, I will have a blog post of our favorite game apps for preschoolers!  If you have some favorite/recommended apps, please share them by leaving a  comment.  Thank you!


One Response to “Favorite iPhone Educational Apps for Preschoolers – Part 1”

  1. Ed Beckford April 30, 2012 at 2:47 AM #

    Pet Shop Panic. Teaches pattern recognition and has engaging artwork, animation and audio. Has multiples themes to choose from and levels appropriate for pre-schoolers through elementary school age kids. Makes math fun!
    On Google Play at –

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