Favorite iPhone Educational Apps for Preschoolers – Part 2

3 Jan

This is Part 2 of “Favorite iPhone Educational Apps for Preschoolers.”  So here’s a summary of the other educational apps that we (the parents) and Julia (our 4 1/2-year-old) enjoy:

Letter Tracer Preschool Letters Writing Practice – Cost $.99. 

Fun way to trace and paint letter and number shapes.  The app’s 3 way combination of visually seeing the letter/number, interactively tracing and hearing the spoken voice-over of the letter or number helps your child to learn and retain the alphabet and numbers.  There are 3 different modes of play  and you can select the voice of an adult male, adult female or a child.



Tozzle – Toddler’s Favorite Puzzle – Lite version is Free and Full version is $1.99. 

This app is entertaining and educational as it teaches shape recognition and motor skills via drop and drag of puzzle pieces to make the colorful picture whole.  When the puzzle is complete, there are sound effects and things your child can tap to animate.  The full version provides 35 different puzzle pictures to choose from, all including fun sound effects.


Feed Me! – FREE and available in English, Korean, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, French, Italian and German! 

This free app is based on a cool purple monster who has a though bubble filled with a “food” he wants to eat (ie. capital G) and then to the right are 3 options to feed him.  Select & drag the right matching food (ie. lower case g) and he gobbles it up and you get trophies for your trophy case!  Feed him the wrong food and he gets a tummy ache!  The free version provides 26 simple ABC questions.

Giraffe’s Matching Zoo – Free and there’s a Deluxe version for $.99. 

This is an animal fun version of the classic memory card game.  Tap a card to have it flip over to see the animal and look for/find the matching card.  Full of music, cute cartoon animations and special effects make this a fun way to learn and exercise & stretch that memory!






Basic Math – Free. 

If you have a little math genius, this free app provides a good simple flash card style drill for Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division.  The math problem is there with 3 answers below it, tap the answer and the app keeps score for you.  We don’t have a math genius, but find it helpful in learning to count when you are not starting from 1 (ie. 9 + 5 =?  So, Julia will start with 9 in her head, hold out 5 fingers and could 10, 11, 12, 13, 14; so 9+5=14).

What educational apps do you and your child(ren) enjoy?  Please share by leaving a comment.  Thanks!  And stay tuned for a future post on our Favorite Game Apps for Preschoolers!


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