Repurpose Binder Clips

11 Jan

Aside from keeping a stack of papers together or sealing an open bag of potato chips or cereal, what other ways have you repurposed binder clips (or as we call them in our house, Butterfly Clips)?

Well, we use them as a toothpaste tube squeezer/roller and they come in handy to temporarily clip towels/cloth/curtains. 

Yes, an official plastic toothpaste tube squeezer/roller may only cost a buck or two, but then you have to remember to buy it and find it at the store.  Just use a handy binder clip and your toothpaste is “in-shape” right away! 

See the photo’s below on how we used a bath towel and the binder clips to cushion the entertainment cabinet’s open door/drawer as the height of our 13 month old’s head is about right where the open drawer/door lays!  We didn’t want to glue anything to the entertainment center and this works great!

We have also used binder clips to help keep curtains open or closed, keep a ribbon or decorative doo-dad securely on a headband as we wait for the super-glue to dry,  keep a cloth in place to cover a table or bookshelf  and to secure and display our daughter’s artwork on the cords of our blinds!

So, how may you repurposed binder clips?  They are not just for the office, you know!


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