Transform Your Blog to a Real Book!

12 Jan

How many blogs are you writing?  Wouldn’t it be great to transform your blog into a real book?

When my first daughter was born I started a pen and paper journal to document her growth, interactions, firsts and day-to-day as well as eventful experiences…a few years later and 6 or 7 journal books later, I started my first blog – JULIA-isms – to document the funny, surprising and loving things my preschooler said and does.  Then when daughter #2 was on the way, it honestly was more challenging to maintain Julia’s blog and a pen & paper journal for the baby…so I switched closed the JULIA-isms blog and started A DAY IN THE LIFE blog to first document our family’s anticipation and arrival of baby sister Stella.  The A DAY IN THE LIFE blog lives on to document our sometimes silly, crazy, busy & possibly boring lives.  I personally find it therapeutic and enjoy it…and in this digital/technological age where we hardly print photos we take as it’s all on iPhoto and Facebook, I found transferring our family blog to a hardcover book for a family keepsake is wonderful!

I used Blog2Print – this on-line service can take your blog from Blogger, TypePad or WordPress and literally transfers your text (and comments if you want) and photos to a professional soft or hardcover book!  You choose from a decent variety of covers, type in a title, dedication and closing.  Pricing for up to 20 pages (size 8.5″ x 11″) – softcover $14.95, hardcover is $24.95 and each extra page is $.35.  If your blog is just text – no photos – then for a black & white text only book it starts at $10.95 and extra pages are just $.10!  Shipping is included in the price and it takes about 2-3 weeks to receive your book!

You can see a sample book on-line!

This company also offers services to transfer your Facebook, Twitter, Picasa, PDF & Word content into a book through Everything2Print.

My wife and I are extremely happy with the product of our blog to books!  So check it out and make your professional quality books too!


2 Responses to “Transform Your Blog to a Real Book!”

  1. JJ - The Dude October 25, 2011 at 12:50 PM #

    Very cool idea. But I have to ask, isn’t this the opposite of D.O.R.? If you are taking something that only exists online and making a tangible object out of it that takes up space, isn’t that creating clutter? I guess it’s also organizing something though, too. And it’s also repurposing your blog into a keepsake. Wow, I’m confused!

    JJ ā€“ The Dude
    Twitter: @DudeOfTheHouse

    • Craigslistdad October 25, 2011 at 1:15 PM #

      JJ – sorry to get you confused šŸ™‚ I have used the Blog2Print service not for my DOR blog, but for my family blog, so we do have a hardcopy of the family’s annual outings/experiences/etc to read with my daughters. It is a keepsake for the family in my case, and “clutter” worth maintaining šŸ™‚

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