House Plants That Improve Air Quality

12 Feb

Rather then run an air purifier in your house all day and night, use natural, beautiful flowers and plants to improve the air quality in your home!  Read this article from eHow.Com.

House Plants That Improve Air Quality

By Joseph Burke, eHow Contributor
updated: March 21, 2010

It’s widely known that having indoor plants in your house can improve air quality. But few people know that in 1980s, NASA conducted an experiment to find which plants most improved the quality of air in a enclosed environment. The study found that about 12 plants were superior in cleaning air containing the common chemicals and contaminants found in indoor spaces. Include some of these plants in your home to guarantee purer, cleaner air.

Gerbera daisies and other plants can improve indoor air quality. Gerbera daisies and other plants can improve indoor air quality.

Janet Craig

The Janet Craig plant is a member of the Dracaena family and is a common and easily recognizable house plant. It generally grows into a three- to five-stalk plant with dark green leaves that measure about 2 feet in length and around 3 inches in width. It’s easy to care for, perfectly at home at the common room temperature of 75 degrees F, and requires little water.

Red-Edged Dracaena

Like its sibling the Janet Craig, the red-edged dracaena is also an excellent option for air purification indoors. The plant’s stalks are long and skinny and can grow straight or be made to curve. The leaves are also long and skinny, growing in bunches from the tops of the stalks, and are tinged with a reddish color, sometimes purple, around the edges.

Peace Lily

The peace lily is a beautiful plant that was originally found in rain forests in tropical areas of the Americas. There on the forest floor, it was able to grow and reproduce in poor light conditions. Indoors, the peace lily is an excellent option. Its green leaves are attractive, as are its elegant white flowers. While the peace lily is ideal for shady areas, it can also grow well in more light; it should not be exposed to direct or hot sunlight.

English Ivy

English ivy, like other ivies, is a hearty plant that grows vigorously. It will be most comfortable in environments with a temperature between 50 and 70 degrees, though it can grow in less-than-ideal conditions as well. It will, as ivy tends to do, climb any vertical surface that it can find and, as a ground cover, can grow so aggressively that it chokes out other plants. But it can be controlled, trimmed and pruned and is an excellent and easy option for an indoor plant that will help promote cleaner air.

Gerbera Daisy

This daisy variety is the only of its kind found by NASA to improve air quality in an enclosed environment in a significant way. Originally native to South Africa, the Gerbera daisy grows to be about 18 inches tall and up to 2 feet wide. The plant can produce a wide array of flowers in varying shades of color. It should be kept in a bright location and not overwatered.


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