“Dollar Store” Shopping – Much more than you’d expect!

7 Mar
Dollar General

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We all love the $1 section at Target, right…we’ll I highly recommend you also venture into a Dollar General, Dollar Tree, Family Dollar  (the links I included are for the store locator) and get some bargains/deals there!

I am a bargain shopper and here’s some deals that I find at these types of stores that I think are great for families watching their dollars:

  • Party Supplies & Party Favors – When we had a swimming pool party for my daughter’s 3rd birthday party, at Dollar Tree we found Disney sand buckets with a scooper, kid size goggles, and kid size arm floaties all for $1 each!  This made the perfect party favor for the kids at just $3 a guest!  Some of these dollar/value stores also have a great selection of party decorations – disposable table cloths, themed plates, plastic cutlery, kids party hats, etc.
  • Coloring Books & Crayons/Markers – We always need to have a coloring book and crayons or markers in each car, the diaper bag, etc.  What a deal at a buck each.  At the Dollar General I go to they have the Crayola brand twist tip crayons that are great for leaving in a purse/bag and bringing on trips since the crayons won’t break as they are encased in plastic like a pen!
  • Household Supplies – I often just go to one of these stores to get paper napkins, facial tissue, bath tissue, band-aides, foil, disposable foil pans, etc.  They are priced great and I don’t have to worry about the ads for Walgreens or CVS to find these products on sale.  At the Dollar General store I go to they always have Kleenex brand tissue for $1 a box, so I can get my supply of these items here any day at a comparable “sale” price at another retail store…and Dollar General accepts manufacturer coupons!
  • Gift Bags & Gift Tissue Paper – At a buck or so each, stock up here at the dollar/value store.  Don’t pay $2-$5+ for a gift bag!  Spend the extra few dollars on a little extra gift (add-on) if you want!
  • Toys for Travel – Going on a road trip or a flight for vacation/visiting family?  Get a few extra things for a buck each to keep Jr. occupied/quiet/happy!  Aside from the coloring & activity books, I’ve purchased flash cards, key chain flashlight, play dough and some imitation My Little Pony and such items from these stores.  These inexpensive past-time toys are the ones that no one will cry about (not the parent/pocketbook and no the child cause the “good” toys are safe at home) if lost on a trip.  

There are plenty of things you can find at the “value stores”, so give it a try if you’re not already a regular like me! 


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