Poetry – Inspired by my amazing wife & daughters

7 Apr

I love family life – my amazing wife and two daughters bring me so much joy!  Being a husband and dad is not always easy, but the rewards are so well worth the efforts – at least in my book!

A lot of times when we take a vacation to visit other family or friends, my wife and kids will leave before I do so they can maximize the time away for the cost of airfare.  I meet up with them a few days or a couple weeks later and we vacation for a week or two together and then return home as our family of four. 

Now, I have to admit that the days they are gone and I come home from work to a quiet and clutter-free home, can watch whatever I want on TV, have no diapers to change or kids to bath and make school box lunch for…it’s NICE!  But, at night when it’s time to go to sleep, the house is way too quiet and empty…that’s when I miss my wife and girls the most.

Last year they traveled before me twice.  During those all too quiet nights, I was inspired to write some poetry and dedicated it to my wife and two daughters. 


So Proud

Being a parent has made me a better man

Knowing that you watch me from wherever I stand

Your growth and development is astounding

From day-to-day your brain and heart is learning and expounding
I am so proud of your every step
From crawling to walking with such pep
I love you so much and you bring us so much joy
Who ever said we need to have a boy
Two daughters fill our lives to the brim
And if there is ever a day that feels grim,
All we have to do is think of you two
And any dark cloud goes away real soon
7/11/2010 Inspired by my wife telling me Stella is crawling & pulling herself up and Julia is going to bed on her own.
You Make Me Whole

My life is so content

You three bring me so much joy

When we are apart, I miss being the Fab Four

The man I am today is all because of you

The man I will be tomorrow is all for the three of you

You make me whole

You are my world

I can’t believe how much happiness one man can feel

You make me whole

Without you I feel so incomplete

Like a part of my heart is missing and then I get weak

Being reunited will make me whole

Being together again will be so sweet!

 Love You!



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