What Makes a Great Dad? VOTE for TV’s Greatest Dad!

20 May

We recently celebrated Mother’s Day and gentlemen, our turn is right around the corner!  Father’s Day is Sunday, June 19th!  So, what kind of dad are you?  What do you think your child(ren) would say about your parenting style?  Are you the same kind of dad that your dad is/was?  When you think about it, is there a TV dad or two that you may subconsciously role-model after???

Well, I’m a father of two girls, a 5 year-old and 17 month old – both the apples of my eye.  I have to admit to being somewhat of a helicopter/protective parent…wanting my daughters to be independent, but always watching to try to make sure they are safe and don’t get hurt.  I am hands-on and playful – enjoy laughing with my kids, reading and singing in different voices, chasing and tossing them around (safely), etc.  As a parent I value open communication and want my girls to enjoy learning, ask questions, having real conversations with me and feel that can come talk to me about anything.  However, I am also authoritative and feel its the parents’ duty to teach our kids proper manners, courtesy and responsibility.

I believe the traits that make a great dad are patience, open communication, playfulness, involvement, educator and authoritative.

My dad worked at a restaurant 6 days a week, 10 to 12 hours a day while I was growing up.  He is loving and a good provider…but as a child I missed out on the playfulness and lacked open communication with my parents.   I grew up in the era of “The Brady Bunch” and yearned for that all-american/family next door type of communication in my home.  Did that effect the way I am a father – yes – like my dad, I am loving and a good provider, but I am also a modern-day dad – hands on with both my girls, playful and communicative.

Now, in honor of Father’s Day, ManOfTheHouse.com, (The real man’s magazine and website, a guide for the jack of all trades trying to be better – at work and at home, as a father and as a husband.  It recognizes that men’s roles have changed in a generation. Fatherhood is different. Marriage is different. Careers and finances are different. Even the oil your dad taught you to change is different. Man of the House is about men helping other men become better men.  They’re here for the man who wears a dozen hats and worries about losing his hair.) is hosting a “World’s Greatest TV Dad” contest.

Have some fun and vote in ManOfTheHouse.com’s World’s Greatest TV Dad bracket challenge.  It works like those other bracket contests you’ve heard of, but unlike the NCAA, you have the power.  Scout the match-ups, read the bios and vote for the winner.  Check back at ManOfTheHouse.Com every Monday for the next round of match-ups all leading to June 17, when they unveil to the expecting world our champion, your World’s Greatest TV Dad.

The Competitors

Thirty-two of TV’s most famous and infamous men were selected and seeded by a team of editors and contributors to ManoftheHouse.com based upon four criteria:

1. Shared Household Responsibilities
2. Relationship with Children
3. Personal Health/Style/Appearance
4. Work/Family Balance 

Please note that I wrote this blog post while participating in a blog tour campaign by Dad Central Consulting on behalf of P&G and received promotional items to thank me for taking the time to participate.


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