Couponing? It’s worth the time – here’s how to get started!

13 Jun

With the rise of grocery prices and the increase in popularity of sites like Groupon and shows like “Extreme Couponing”, more consumers are looking to cash in on available coupons to help lower the grocery bill.  It takes time to get organized, and many say it can prove to provide significant reductions to the weekly grocery bill.  So here’s some tips to get started and save some money!

 Get organized

  • The thought of sifting through mountains of papers, or juggling stacks of coupons at the register, can be overwhelming.
  • Start by finding a binder with pockets or a baseball card holder-type pages, and organize your coupons as you clip. Put all like items together and label as you go.
  • Buy multiple newspapers to be able to get multiple coupons. And, sign up at the manufacturer’s website to have coupons sent directly to your email.
  • As you place items into your cart that will use a coupon, pull those coupons and place in a separate folder. That way, you will be able to quickly hand all your coupons to the cashier when it’s time.

 Go slow

  • Show like “Extreme Couponing” can set unrealistic expectations for couponing. Start where you can. Clip a few coupons for items you know you need, and use them on your next trip.
  • If you save $5 the first trip, that’s $5 more you have for another need in your life. As you learn the couponing system, you will start saving more.

 Other ways to save on your grocery bill

  • Make a meal plan for the week.  Plan meals around what is on sale. Grocery stores have sales just like any other retailer. Have tacos when the ground beef is on sale. Save your plans for pork chops until they go on special.
  • Skip convenience foods – anything packaged individually, pre-made meals, etc. These items usually are both less healthy and higher priced per ounce than other items.
  • Stick to your budget. If you’ve budgeted $100 for the week – weekly treats may have to wait until another week.
  • Use all leftovers. Last night’s left over mashed potatoes can help make tonight’s Shepherd’s Pie. And using up every scrap of food, instead of wasting it, isn’t just economical, it’s socially responsible

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