Are YOU ready for school? Getting Organized before school starts

12 Aug

Here we are again! The couple of weeks before school starts (at least for us here in Oklahoma). Where has the time gone?!  Here are some of what we did this summer to prepare for the new school year:

  1. Get all school forms filled out and ready to go, lists ready to check off.
  2. Clean out study and/or art areas, out with the old in with the new!
  3. Sorting through closets and dressers – some things have been outgrown, some have seen their last days.  Donate, sell or store away for younger siblings.
  4. Check out open houses for extra-curricular activities  – ballet, soccer, art, music – if you’re not sure what your child would be interested in, this would be a good opportunity to check out the facility, classes and teachers.  Be sure to ask to attend a trial class/session at no charge!
  5. Getting ready for me usually mentally starts around the tax-free weekend– chances are your State has one.  Although you can always buy online and possibly save on sales tax, but nothing beats being able to try on clothes and check things out first hand.  Stores have become more savvy and offer sales around the same time too.
  6. Get your own desk ready, take out all old school year information and paperwork – get ready for the new stuff!
  7. Plan some playdates with school mates – get them excited to see their friends and start school!

Usually at this time my wife then starts to weep internally thinking about our daughter growing up 😉

It’s also important to make sure your child is mentally ready for school – Kid’s Health has a good post with tips on how to walk your child through back-to-school anxiety in their post called Going Back to School .  The article does talk more to the student rather than to the parent – making it perfect for middle-schoolers, but I like that I still get an idea of what might be going through my daughter’s mind as school approaches.

If you are like us, we sometimes run out of ideas for easy, quick snacks – Cool Mom Picks has a good list of healthy snacks available in stores in their post Back to School Shopping- Better Lunchbox Snacks – as an aside our kids love the Florida’s Natural Organic Fruit Nuggets and Chex Mix.


One Response to “Are YOU ready for school? Getting Organized before school starts”

  1. viviankirkfield August 12, 2011 at 11:09 PM #

    I had to come and visit your blog because I saw that you had linked back to a post of mine about the start of school. 🙂 (BTW…Thank you for that) I’m so glad I did…love your post and will be back to read more!

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