Help! Immunity Boost Needed ASAP!

20 Sep

Ugh – its allergy season again and I’ve just been feeling blech – this year has just felt like one loooong series of sickness for me and my family, my wife has had mono (yes, mono), strep, at least 2 colds and allergies. For all the wonderful aspects of her being a stay at home mom, the worst part (I think) is you don’t get a sick-leave, especially if you don’t have a babysitter or family nearby.  Life goes on whether you feel like you’re dieing or not.

My wife has been really BAD with taking her supplements and vitamins lately – and has seen the effects of her lackadaisical attitude on her health.  Lets not even mention her bad eating habits (Lunch? Breakfast? Who needs those?).  She knows that she helps nobody by being half of what she could be. On top of that – we’ve noticed that health is REALLY a family affair – we are only as good as our ‘sickest’ person – so in our case it has been an endless cycle of someone getting sick and passing it on to someone else. Sound familiar?

There are a couple of things we are all doing to (hopefully) help give her immune system a boost:

– Drinking more water (so our body doesn’t run on fumes) – did I also mention my wife is still breastfeeding?
– Taking supplements – she looks for supplements that are absorbed fast by her body, have no ‘fillers’, and are made with natural ingredients.  She prefers a mix of multi-vitamins (since she still needs a mix of things and this is the easiest way to get it all at once) and for her immune system an extra dose of vitamin C.

– For the kids, something flavorful and quick – we don’t have time to cajole them into taking anything (medicine is hard enough)

– We’ve added yogurt in order to boost live cultures into our diet – helps with digestion too.

The timing for receiving the Emergen-C Kidz samples couldn’t have been better, with winter on its way and trying to get healthy on our list of to-do’s – we were ready!

We got to try Orange, Fruit Punch and Grape flavors

Each box comes with 30 packets, you empty one packet into about a 4-6 ounce glass of water & stir. Pretty simple really – it was the taste test that was important – the fruit punch and grape did not make the grade for my 5-year-old but the orange flavor was well-received.  It wasn’t powdery as I feared and dissolved very fast.  We used cold water which made it easier to drink.  If the taste is a little too strong, just dilute it with some more water or even add ice cubes to make it a nice cold drink.  Our kids also take a gummy multi-vitamin everyday and this will help supplement their vitamin intake during the months where ‘everyone’ seems to be getting sick so often .

Take the Emergen-C Pledge!! For every pledge they receive on facebook Emergen-C will donate 25 cents to Vitamin Angels! We just took the pledge and it took only a second – no lengthy sign-up involved! The fastest ‘donation’ I’ve ever made!

The Emergen-C Kidz Pledge

I pledge today to commit to creating a fun and healthy lifestyle for me and my family, which includes: eating more nutritious foods, taking vitamins daily, and getting regular exercise – all while having fun and spending more time together! With this pledge, I will also commit to teaching my children the importance of helping others through actions big and small.

Why 25 cents? 

25 cents covers the cost of annual vitamin A supplementation, which can reduce mortality for children 6-59 months by 23%.

GIVEAWAY!!!  Want to win a 3 pack of Emergen-C Kidz as pictured above?  Take the Emergen-C Kidz Pledge and then leave a comment with your email address, the age(s) of your kid(s) and how your family is or will lead a fun & healthy lifestyle.  One reader will be randomly selected to receive 3 packages of Emergen-C Kidz at 5pm CST on September 30, 2011!!!

Disclosure:  I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Emergen-C and received samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.


One Response to “Help! Immunity Boost Needed ASAP!”

  1. Frances September 22, 2011 at 10:41 PM #

    We try to stay healthy by being active, eating well – my kids love fruit and some veggies. We try to get plenty of fresh air and let them run around a lot! I took the pledge!

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