Organize & Display Kid’s Dress-Up Clothes

30 Sep

My 5 year-old daughter LOVES to play dress-up and between Halloween costumes, hand-me-downs from her cousin and stage outfits from her dance class, we have accumulated a good amount of dress-up clothes!  We use to keep her dress-up clothes in a plastic tote, but then as the tote began to really fill up it wasn’t as fun to have to dig around and find an outfit to wear and play in.  So we repurposed a height adjustable rolling clothes rack to organize and display her dress-up clothes!

It really works like a charm!  We found ours for $15 at Big Lots.  It was easy to assemble and took less than 10 minutes to put together!  Plus with this being height adjustable, as our daughter grows, we can raise the height of the rack!  So, by thinking outside of the box/tote, our daughter has a nice was to select and take care of her dress-up clothes!


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