Craigslist Selling Tips

26 Jan

Hmmm... now what??!!!

I would like to think that I’m a pro at selling things on Craigslist after having done it for some 4-5 years now – but in truth I’m constantly learning new things. One thing I’ve learned after having done it in two cities is that every area probably has its idiosyncracies, but there are several general ‘truths’ which still prevail —
  1. Timing – ie. selling outdoor toys in winter time – especially in cold or colder areas is not a good idea – although there may be (lucky) cases where someone is looking for outdoor toys for indoor use (like a slide).  Same goes for winter coats in the summer, etc. If you can’t wait, you might need to take a steeper cut on your sales price, otherwise- waiting till the season or timing is better might be a good idea.
  2. Competition/Pricing – Always, always, always check out the competition and price correctly for your market and the condition of your item.  Search for your item on Craigslist and see how many are being sold, what condition and model/age and at what price. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve seen multiple listings where people have clearly not done their homework. It does not matter if you bought your item full price – if someone else  has the same item in similar shape  and you price ‘over’ them – you technically just helped them clinch a sale.
  3. Include a Link – If the item is available in stores, include a link to the retailer so your potential purchasers can view the specs on the item and see retail price.
  4. Add a photo of the item and fully disclose any wear and tear – it might not be a deal breaker to you, but it might be for your potential buyer. I don’t know about you, but as a frequent buyer myself- I don’t even bother looking at ads without photos.
  5. Respond in a timely manner – if you are busy or are anticipating to be busy, don’t post your sale, just like any business you need to be responsive to your potential buyers.  Even if you feel you have a buyer coming to buy the item already you should still be responsive to others, because there have been numerous occasions where a “sure” buyer dropped out and I was glad I still was able to contact the others who were interested.
  6. Take advantage of the situation – I mean this in a good way — not in a ‘hijack the buyer’ sort of way – I mostly sell kids items and have found that people who come interested in buying an item might also want to ‘look around’ and buy more, so I usually have the other items I have for sale also semi-displayed on the side.  I don’t even have to do a hard sell at all – it’s there, if they want to look they can, and most of the time that’s how I get rid of  smaller items like toys.
  7. Think outside the box in terms of pick up areas – I’ve done it during my lunch break at my work parking lot, at a gas station (someone was on their way to their son’s soccer practice), I think you get the point. Honestly some buyers are also leery now of going to someones house – so it’s always good to be flexible.

Hope this helps — there is nothing like the feeling of unloading something you no longer need to someone who does.  Good luck on your next sale!  Check out my other Craigslist blog posts and please leave a comment to tell me how your Craigslist sales go!


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