Brother P-Touch Durability Test Results – The little labeler that can!

12 Mar
Off the bat, let me just say that there was one thing I REALLY liked about the labels which I didn’t expect in the beginning is that to some degree they are (HALLELUJAH!) repositionable – ‘what’s the big deal?’ you may say – it’s a big deal because–
1.  I don’t have the time or the interest in scraping something sticky off of something else– i.e. in the case of hand me downs, younger kid will NOT want to have elder kid’s name on all her stuff.

Summer Shoes with the labels on... then 2 months later...

THEN reused into her fall/winter shoe TADAH - not sure if I'll be trying to re-reuse the label into her summer sandal again... but then I might just to see if it'll take 😉

2.  If your life is anything like ours – things change – in our case, our art corner went from being a walled-off baby-proof area to a toddler/kid tandem art area in a matter of months. SO, that means things had to move around (or in other words move UP and away from toddler hands or into another container).
And lastly,
3.  I’m cheap, if it is labeling the same things I want to be able to reuse the darn things.
Brother P-Touch Durability Test Results
I have to admit, I pretty much forgot about the labels I placed underneath my daughter’s favorite bowl and inside her shoe – man… time passes fast – and here are the results – you can see for yourself !

October 2011

March 2012 - After numerous washes, falls, stains, and God knows what else...

Over-all I am impressed. I honestly did not think that these labels were created for this kind of wear and tear, these are our daughter’s favorite cups – so it’s in the dishwasher almost once every day. Aside from very very slight wear on the outer edges, nothing else much has changed… AND  I was able to remove the label without much problems…
We are very happy with this little labeler. We’ve also used it to label stuff for our daughter’s school like her plant pot etc. and its been great. After the major organization work in our art area and the mud room and all the girl’s stuff – we only replaced the cartridge at the end of all that — not too bad IMHO 🙂
Anyone have any more ideas to use the labeler for?  I’m trying not to be too label-happy right now….
I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Brother P-Touch and received a product and gift card to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.”

One Response to “Brother P-Touch Durability Test Results – The little labeler that can!”

  1. Lori Jacobs June 24, 2012 at 12:45 AM #

    I raised 4 kids and here’s a hint I learned early on: never label anything with a child’s first name! My first two were boys close in age and as soon as #2 went to preschool with his brother’s hand me down things, I realized I had been making a mistake by putting his name on them. I have since labeled things with last name only, and for our family this solved all. I guess it wouldn’t work as well for blended families, but for kids with the same last name it solves one dilemma!

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