No, I’m NOT wearing my pajamas in public!

16 Mar

I know we all have them – embarrassing stories of our kids letting the cat out of the bag on something!  Well, okay, so I sometimes sleep in my regular t-shirts and boxers…and sometimes I wear that same t-shirt out the next morning to run errands, take my almost 6-year-old to school, etc.  I did exactly that recently – wore the t-shirt I slept in (and I put on some pants) to drop my daughter off at school and run some errands.  Of course, as soon as we get in the car she asks “Daddy, why are you wearing your PJs?”  I tell her I’m NOT, I am wearing a t-shirt and pants.  When we get to her school, we are tardy and I have to walk her to the front office and my little girl starts to snicker and smile as I say goodbye and she walks to her classroom with the receptionist, Miss Debbie.  Hmmm?!!???  When I see my little angle after work, I asked her why she was snickering and smiling as she walked to class and she tells me she told Miss Debbie “My daddy is wearing his pajamas!”  Ugh!  How embarrassing!  Well, since teenagers are wearing PJs out and about, I guess I can try to chalk it up to trying to be young and cool???  But really, I am NOT wearing my pajamas outside! :-/

Now when I wear the t-shirt I wore to sleep to go out of the house the next day, I remind my darling daughter that “Daddy is NOT wearing his pajamas” and she just smiles and snickers at me…


3 Responses to “No, I’m NOT wearing my pajamas in public!”

  1. therookiedad March 17, 2012 at 10:06 AM #

    HAHA! I have been accused of the same thing. Don’t worry it is acceptable for us men to do that.

    • Craigslistdad March 17, 2012 at 5:25 PM #

      Not sure if a 5-6 year old boy would notice/care…but I’m doomed with two girls! LOL 🙂


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