Why my daughter slept with her Pillow Pet on her head…

21 Mar

Okay, let me start by saying we didn’t sleep train (in the traditional sense) either of our two daughters, as we practice attachment parenting.  So, it wasn’t until this past August when my now 5.75 year-old daughter finally started sleeping alone in her own room.  She has a trundle bed and when she has a bad cold/flu and her asthma kicks in full force, either my wife or I pull out the lower trundle bed and sleep in her room with her.

So, this week it’s my wife that has a bad cold, cough, sinus infection, seasonal allergies and asthma – yes, a long list of ailments indeed!  My wife thought she herself could get a better nights sleep on the lower trundle bed rather than staying in the master, where our 27 month old sleeps in a toddler bed on daddy’s side of our king bed, but usually somewhere between midnight and 1 a.m. ends up in our bed with us.

Well, with my wife’s ailments, she was coughing and snoring since 4am and our older daughter tossed and turned from the noise and ended up placing her panda pillow pet over her own face as a barrier to mommy’s noise!  In the morning she said “Mommy, do you know why I had my pillow pet on my face to sleep?” to which my wife said “Why?” and the honest to goodness truth came out with a great rendition of the noises!  We all had a good laugh and when my wife told our older daughter “Mommy might sleep in your room again tonight.”  The reply was “Okay, but PLEASE don’t make all the loud noises again!”

Family life – it makes us who we are! ;0)


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