Yep, I have a Daddy’s Girl…maybe two!

5 Apr

I’ve always had a close relationship with my first daughter, but I swear it got even stronger when baby sister came along at the end of 2009.  I believe Julia, (now 5.75 years-old) at the age of 3.5 years-old, decided when baby Stella arrived that “since the baby has mommy for nursing, naps, diaper changes, etc., Daddy is MINE!

It’s has not really been a problem.  My wife and I try to make sure we each have 1 on 1 time with each of our daughters (taking turns for bath time, reading time, trips to the grocery store or library, trips to the park, etc.).  Sure, there are plenty of times when one of the girls is with one parent and then the other girl wants to be there too OR the other girl seeks out the other parent!

In a totally non-boastful way, if Julia is away from me for more than 2-3 days (my business trip or the girls and my wife take a vacation before me) she has reached her limit of daddy-less-ness after 3 days apart and will be more emotional/sensitive and usually have a mini-break down of “I want daddy.”  Geez, even earlier this week when I had a board of directors meeting and wasn’t home for dinner and not sure if I’d be back to tuck her into bed for the night and she had a mini melt down and cried and asked to have a family photo with daddy to hold in bed!  Yikes – my wife thinks it may border on the side of unhealthy (and she felt like chopped liver/evil step-mom)…we anticipate that Julia will grow out of it and remind ourselves to cherish these times as when our daughters are teenagers they may not want to be around us much 😦 .  But none the less, I have a true “Daddy’s Girl” and I love both my daughters with all my heart!

Stella is more attached to her mom, being a toddler who nursed for 25 months, at this young age she has that special connection with her stay at home mom.  I am blessed with my daughter’s and have a feeling Stella will be a “Daddy’s Girl” too!


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