The “Mother’s Day Card”

14 May
Mother's Day card

Mother’s Day card (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yep, we had a nice simple Mother’s Day this past weekend…and the card I’m writing about in this blog post is not from Hallmark or American Greetings, it is not an e-card or home-made by me and my girls…it is the “It is Mother’s Day CARD.”  Here’s the story:

So Sunday morning my almost 6 year-old daughter comes into our room around 7:45am and snuggles with us, but is not going back to sleep.  So with my wife and our 2.5 year old still getting some good Z’s, Julia and I head out to get flowers and breakfast.  We are gone for just under an hour and when we arrive home my wife is in the shower and our toddler, Stella, is watching a PBS cartoon.  Stella is potty training and about 80% there when it comes to pee, but doesn’t like sitting on the potty to poop and rather do it in her underpants :-/  Well, she did #2 that morning and my wife changed her poopy underpants and was sure to let me know it.  We all enjoyed breakfast together and then went to the park.  In the afternoon, Stella pooped again and although I was almost half asleep on the sofa with Julia laying on top of me, my wife pulled the “It’s Mother’s Day” card…I alreday had to clean her poop once!  And thus I was required to get my butt off the sofa and handle Stella’s poopy butt and dirty underpants 😦  Then in the evening we all enjoyed dinner out.

So, next month it is my turn…Sunday, June 17th is Father’s Day and I have the right to pull out “The Father’s Day Card”! 😉


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