Beware the obsession of Glitter Nail Polish!

30 May

Ok, so I am the dad of two wonderful girls.  My oldest (Julia) is turning 6 in a couple of weeks and my youngest (Stella) is 2.5 (but thinks she’s 5-6 like her big sister).  So, when my wife was giving herself a mini-pedicure this past weekend, she also told our 6 year-old she could have her toe nails painted and did a coat of pink and then a clear glitter coat…well, what’s good for the 6 year-old is good enough for the 2.5 year-old who then insisted on “my turn!”  So, this was the very first time Stella had her toe nails painted and we did just the clear glitter coat.  While my wife started Stella’s toe nails, for whatever reason, Stella decided she wanted “Daddy do it” – so there I was putting glitter nail polish on my preschooler!  I was the only one in the household without nail polish on and it made me almost paint my nails – NOT.

At any rate, it’s been a few days and the nail polish on both girls has started to chip off.  Julia doesn’t mind…but tonight during Stella’s bath she looks at her toes and starts to cry, almost inconsolably, about the shiny being off her toes!  OMG, so we had to promise her that we’d paint her toes again to stop the crying, finish her bath and get her dressed in her PJs…and she held us to it!  Asking/demanding right away for “Daddy do it.”

So I told my wife she created a monster, by letting our 2.5 year-old get her toe nails painted with glitter polish.  Now Stella is obsessed with Sephora Jewel Top Coats Sugar Plum Fairies Gone Wild glitter polish!

Just another one of my true life stories as a Dad of two daughters 🙂


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