The Product Review For a Product (ROGAINE) You Almost Never Hope You’d Need #gotitfree

27 Jan
“I participated in an Influencer Program on behalf of Dad Central for ROGAINE®. I received a product sample and promotional item to thank me for participating.”
I have the admit when I first heard about this product review I thought “Pass” — who wants to talk about thinning hair? And most importantly – I don’t have the time or the interest in slathering something on my head twice a day and talk about it.  I will have to admit I was intrigued about talking to Bill Rancic (we come from the same home town – Chicago) and he seemed like a “real” enough person and a new dad at that.  I will also admit that when I told my wife “I don’t know where I’ll even test the product!! I’m fine!!” — there was a VERY pregnant pause and a “um…on the top back of your head… you might be thinning…. a little….” — well there you go… I planned on giving it a try.

The ROGAINE Brand, the #1 recommended dermatologist brand for hair regrowth, has teamed up with Bill Rancic to serve as their Growth Coach for their Grow Your Game initiative.  The GROW YOUR GAME program seeks to give men the tools and resources they need for long-term success and confidence in all aspects of their lives.

Most of us know Bill Rancic as the first winner of Donald Trump’s hit show, ‘The Apprentice’, but since then, Bill has continued his success and entrepreneurship as a motivational speaker, real estate developer, restaurateur, author of a New York Times best-selling book on business, etc.  He is also the husband to E! News Anchor, Giuliana Rancic and their life together is documented on their hit reality show “Giuliana & Bill’.  In addition to the above, he also co-hosts the nationally syndicated TV show “America Now’ and is ROGAINE’s first-ever “Growth Coach.”

Bill is sharing his secrets to overcoming life’s challenges with straight-forward solutions to getting ahead.  In his role as Growth Coach, Bill shares his personal experiences while talking to guys about conquering real issues, including advice on how men take control of their appearance and grow the confidence needed to transform their lives.

I’ve always thought that I (although I hate the term) tend to be a pretty metro-sexual guy — in short — I’m not the usual testosterone heavy caveman/sports junkie type — I do care about what I wear and have a certain opinion about men’s style and interest.  I was impressed with ROGAINE and their “Grow Your Game” campaign — in many ways I always thought of any hair regrowth product as a clinical thing — kinda like treating a wart or a rash — but what I didn’t realize is that it could be part of your day-to-day routine, much like shaving is about changing your looks to look more “clean” or spritzing cologne changes how you smell, applying some ROGAINE changes your scalp/hairline.  Although in this case it does take twice a day daily application for 16 weeks before you might see results — it is a commitment — don’t get me wrong — but its a commitment which isn’t as hard as I thought.  The price isn’t bad — almost $50 for a three-month supply is not bad at all – I always thought it would be more expensive than that.  It certainly is better than having an operation, and it isn’t sticky or doesn’t leave a residue like I was worried about. 
New ROGAINE deal!  I found this online — 4 months for $59.99 plus free shipping — you do have to join their auto-refill membership – but at least you get a 4 month supply and have it delivered right to you for free.  Some interesting things I found out: 

  • Can be applied to dry-or towel dried hair
  • With the foam the application was much easier than a liquid or a cream
  • Although hair-loss is thought of as an ‘aging’ issue men in their 20’s (like Bill Rancic in the past) could already  see the beginning of hair loss

So fellow gentlemen and dads – just like the ladies, the better you look and feel the better attitude and approach we tend to have on life’s challenges – career, work life balance, family/parenting matters, etc.  Don’t be afraid to try ROGAINE if you need to fix/enhance your hairline!  I’m looking forward to seeing some positive results in a few months!


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