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Protect Your Finances While On Vacation

27 Jun
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Protect your finances while you’re on vacation!

As we enter prime vacation time, be sure you take the steps before you leave town and again once you’re at your fun-filled destination to protect your finances while you’re having fun.   (I also take these steps when I travel on business.)

Lighten your load:

Only take the credit cards and debit cards you plan to use with you on vacation.  Take a backup credit card, however, in case something happens to your main card.  Leave the rest at home.  And, leave your checkbook at home.  If you won’t use them, why carry them?

Take enough cash for each day’s activities.  Leave the rest locked in a hotel room safe.

Let others know your plans.  Make a quick call to the bank and credit card companies that will see heavy use during the vacation.  This will prevent companies from suspecting fraud when it’s really vacation spending, and it will also alert them if activity does not correspond with your plans.

Make copies of your itinerary, your passport data page and important financial papers.  Give the copies to a trusted friend or family member to serve as a reference if needed.

Be aware.  When in crowds, keep your wallet in your front pocket, with your hand covering it.  Only take a purse if necessary, and leave it in the hotel safe when it isn’t necessary.

Never leave anything unattended in airports, shopping areas or other high-traffic areas.

Only use secure internet connections when checking sites that require any passwords, especially financial sites.  If using a public computer (ie. at library or hotel business center), be sure to erase the browser history when you’re done!

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