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Gold Bond – No Mess Powder Spray – Product Review

21 Aug

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Gold Bond. I received product samples and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.”

I am the guy that gets sweaty regardless of season!  Sometimes I can’t take off my suit coat at work  during a hot day because of my sweat ‘spots’ (I don’t like the feel of anti-perspirant) and it sometimes look like I have some sort of internal spigot that just opens and closes leaving me drenched.  Yup I know this just yells “Sexy” – LOL!  Unfortunately it looks like my youngest child seems to have the same thing 😦 

Hmmm, here is part of my “how you know you sweat a lot” checklist:

– No backpacks for me – unless I want a sweat stain the size and shape of my backpack on the shirt I’m wearing.

– Handkerchiefs are useful but I really use/need a small face/hand towel to sop up all my manly perspiration when I get going.

– I can’t shovel snow in a down jacket!  I did that once and I was swimming inside the jacket before I could even say “Howdeedoo.”  Wet down is NOT fun!

I think you get the idea.  So…I’ve been using Gold Bond powder for my feet and in my shoes, I haven’t really been using anything to stench the flow anywhere else – honestly I wasn’t sure I wanted a sweat meets powder “doughing” thing happening on my back; so when this product review opportunity came up I figured “heck why not?”


Just so you have an idea of how big the ‘spray area’ is- this is one press – the powder stays within wherever you sprayed.

I received both the Classic (menthol) and Fresh (aloe) Gold Bond Powder Spray.  The fresh has a more subdued scent which works well for me since I wear cologne for work and wouldn’t want to have a dual scent thing going on.  The product sprays on easily upside down, sideways or right-side up and leaves a very cooling feeling.  What I liked best is that I don’t have that problem of ‘white powder everywhere’ — like when I shake powder into my Keens/shoes its hard not to get some on the floor — the spray really eliminates that problem and is pretty precise where it ‘hits’.   The photo to the right is a close spray.  When you spray 4-5″ away you get a nice’mist’ of powder!  I also tried it on my sweaty child’s back before she left on a play date and she found it refreshing too :0)  My only qualm is the suggested retail price – $7.99 seems a bit steep for a spray on powder – not that I ever bought one (aside from foot sprays) before – I might wait for a coupon and/or sale before stocking up again.  I probably won’t be adding this to my everyday routine – but I can see where its good to have one on hand for those days where I know I’ll be sweating a lot, won’t be able to have a change of clothes with me, and/or when I’ll be in contact with a lot of people (outdoor barbecue, sports event, concert etc).  I honestly see using it on my kids as well – the ingredients (talc, starch, zinc oxide etc) are not harsh and will spray on easy enough.  I can see using it where the kids might chaff in hot weather – mostly around the waist of their shorts/pants/skirts.

So my bottom line – good product, easy to use, effective and neat!  I’m just waiting for a sale and/or coupons :o)


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