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Organizing Your Kid’s Costumes – it is possible! Repurposing a Bookshelf

17 Feb

Regardless if you find yourself a parent to either an aspiring princess or superhero — you will one day find yourself standing above a pile of costumes, masks, hats and accessories (pirate sword anyone? Rapunzel wig?).  We’ve tried different iterations on how to deal with this – but I just HAD TO share this ingenious way a friend of mine (bluejeaner on Twitter) repurposed her shelf (on the cheap too!) .

Shelving on the left is the way both sides used to look.

The best thing about this in my opinion is that the shelf can be re-converted back into a bookshelf after the kids outgrow their costume phase!

Remove top two shelves (she left the bottom shelf in for shoes) use a tension rod and hang curtain hooks – voila! The genius is in the simplicity.

We haven’t tried this yet, but I’m eyeing our tall book-case to convert into something like this pretty soon 🙂 Here is another angle–

A quick hang and you're set!

Hmmm… thinking this might also work well in a mudroom or entryway…

Do you have any interesting way you organize your kid’s costumes or clothing?