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Repurposing Plastics

7 Dec

Yes, I eat Smart Ones and Lean Cuisine frozen entrees for lunch at work/home at times.  What do I do with those plastic plates/trays???  I keep some of them and repurpose them for my 5 year-olds breakfast/snack on the go!  Of course, due to BPA concerns, we hand wash them and do not heat them in the microwave again.  But these are super handy for her to eat scrambled eggs, mini-waffles, cheese bread, veggie sticks with hummus, etc.  Another plastic that I repurpose is the Advil/Tylenol measuring & dispensing cups/caps!  These are perfect to hold her gummie vitamins (and sometimes a treat, like M&Ms or Skittles)!

So, this is my latest simple repurposing tip!  Share your tips by leaving a comment!