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Make Lunch like a Celebrity Chef!

16 Jun

Do you and/or your kids have “fancy” taste buds?  In the mood for something new, different and yummy?  Check out the lunch recipes from celebrity chefs in the following Parents.Com article!  Give it a whirl and treat yourself/your family to a celebrity lunch box!

The Kale Chips are a tasty healthy alternative to store-bought chips – a great switch for a crunchy and savory snack!  My kids LOVE the pineapple dip – works great as a spread on sandwiches as well as a dip for fish sticks, chicken tenders, etc.  Also, my kids love cheese, so the baked mozzarella sticks are such a nice healthier option to traditional fried ones!!!


Pack Lunch Like a Celebrity Chef

Chef Cat Cora

Her kids: sons Zoran, 7, Caje, 3, Thatcher, 1-1/2, and Nash, 1
Claim to fame: only female Iron Chef on Iron Chef America; the owner of Kouzzina by Cat Cora restaurant at Walt Disney World BoardWalk Resort

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Even more recipes from Cat Cora.

Whole Grain Hummus Sandwich With Veggies
Cat Cora’s Whole Grain Hummus Sandwich with Veggies

Menu note: Hummus is a tasty protein alternative to lunch meat, and olives add an antioxidant boost.

Get the Whole Grain Hummus Sandwich with Veggies recipe here.

Trail-Mix Popcorn
Cat Cora’s Trail Mix Popcorn

Menu note: Only serve popcorn to kids over 4.

Get the Trail Mix Popcorn recipe here.

Chef Richard Blais

His kid: daughter Riley, 2
Claim to fame: concept Chef at FLIP Burger Boutique in Atlanta and Birmingham, Alabama; veteran of Top Chef, Top Chef Masters, Iron Chef America, and Food Detectives

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Visit Richard Blais’ website.

Tropical Turkey Spring Rolls
Richard Blais’ Tropical Turkey Spring Rolls

Menu note: When your kid is bored with sandwiches, a crunchy wrap is a game changer. These also can be sliced into pinwheels.

Get the Tropical Turkey Spring Rolls recipe here.

Chef Candace Nelson

Her kid: a 3-year-old son
Claim to fame: founder and pastry chef of Sprinkles Cupcakes, The Original Cupcake Bakery; judge on Food Network’s Cupcake Wars

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Learn more about Sprinkles Cupcakes.

Aloha Chicken With Pineapple Dip
Candace Nelson’s Aloha Chicken with Pineapple Dip

Menu note: Kids will love being able to pull out a lunch that they can dip into.

Get the Aloha Chicken with Pineapple Dip recipe here.

Crunchy Baked Mozzarella Sticks
Candace Nelson’s Crunchy Baked Mozzarella Sticks

Menu note: Mozzarella is a great source of calcium.

Get the Crunchy Baked Mozzarella Sticks recipe here.

Chef Sam Kass
Sam Kass

Claim to fame: assistant White House chef; Mrs. Obama’s food initiative coordinator

Menu note: Kass used these recipes to feed local kids at an event on the South Lawn of the White House to kick off First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! Campaign.

Click “next” to see what Kass served for lunch on the White House lawn!

Learn more about Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! Campaign.

Grilled Chicken Salad With Herb Sherry Vinaigrette
Sam Kass’ Grilled Chicken Salad with Herb Sherry Vinaigrette

Menu note: If you don’t have chicken, sub in tofu.

Get the Grilled Chicken Salad with Herb Sherry Vinaigrette recipe here.

A Presidential Veggie Dip
Sam Kass’ A Presidential Veggie Dip

Menu note: Try adding a spice such as cumin or paprika.

Get the recipe for A Presidential Veggie Dip here.

Chef Hugo Matheson
Hugo Matheson

His kids: twin boys Oliver and Rory, 7
Claim to fame: executive chef and co-owner of The Kitchen, an eco-friendly restaurant in Boulder

Click “next” to see what Hugo Matheson packs his boys for lunch!

Click here to learn more about Matheson’s restaurant The Kitchen.

Ham and Cucumber Sarnie
Hugo Matheson’s Ham & Cucumber Sarnie

Menu note: This sandwich’s name is English and it’s loaded with protein and healthy whole grains.

Get the Ham and Cucumber Sarnie recipe here.

Chef Elana Amsterdam
Elana Amsterdam

Her kids: sons Jacob, 11, and Ethan, 10
Claim to fame: creator of Elana’s Pantry, devoted to gluten-free resources including family-friendly recipes, ingredient-selection ideas, and preparation tips; author of The Gluten-Free Almond Flour Cookbook

Click “next” the see what Elana Amsterdam serves her sons for lunch!

Visit Elana’s Pantry.

Vanilla Almond Butter and Banana Sandwich
Elana Amsterdam’s Vanilla Almond Butter & Banana Sandwich

Menu note: Almonds are a great source of vitamin E.

Get the Vanilla Almond Butter and Banana Sandwich recipe here.

Krispy Kale Chips
Elana Amsterdam’s Krispy Kale Chips

Menu note: They’re as yummy as regular potato chips, but they pack an incomparable nutritional punch.

Get the recipe for Krispy Kale Chips recipe here.

Chef Ellie Krieger
Ellie Krieger

Her kid: 8-year-old daughter, Bella
Claim to fame: registered dietitian; best-selling author of So Easy; host of Food Network’s Healthy Appetite

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Visit Ellie Krieger’s website.

Black-Bean Salsa and Tortilla
Ellie Krieger’s Black Bean Salsa & Tortillas

Menu note: Kids will love the idea of eating chips and salsa for lunch.

Get the recipe for Black Bean Salsa and Tortillas here.

Shannon Seip & Kelly Parthen
Shannon Seip & Kelly Parthen

Shannon Seip’s kids: sons Issac, 6-1/2, and Bini, 4-1/2
Kelly Parthen’s kids: son Kale, 5, and daughter Makena, 3
Claim to fame: co-owners of Bean Sprouts, a healthy cafe for kids and parents; authors of Bean Appetit: Hip & Healthy Ways to Have Fun with Food, a family cookbook

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Learn more about Bean Sprouts here.Buy a copy of Bean Appetit here.

Fla-Mango Soup
Shannon Seip & Kelly Parthen’s Fla-Mango Soup

Menu note: Mango is an excellent source of vitamin C.

Excerpted from Bean Appetit: Hip & Healthy Ways to Have Fun with Food by Shannon Payette Seip and Kelly Parthen, © 2009 reprinted with permission from Andrews McMeel Publishing.

Get the Fla-Mango Soup recipe here.

Chef Aviva Goldfarb
Aviva Goldfarb

Her kids: ages 13 and 11
Claim to fame: author and cofounder of The Six O’clock Scramble an online weekly menu planner and cookbook; author of the cookbook, SOS! The Six O’clock Scramble to the Rescue: Earth Friendly, Kid-Pleasing Meals for Busy Families

Click “next” to see Aviva Goldfarb’s lunch idea!

Learn more about The Six O’clock Scramble.

Ravioli Soup With Grated Zucchini
Aviva Goldfarb’s Ravioli Soup with Grated Zucchini

Menu note: Serve with celery filled with Boursin light herbed cheese or cream cheese.

Get the Ravioli Soup with Grated Zucchini recipe here.

Chef Amy Scherber
Amy Scherber

Her Kid: Son Harry, 5
Claim to Fame: Owner and founder of Amy’s Bread, a nationally-recognized bakery/café; co-author of cookbooks The Sweeter Side of Amy’s Bread and Amy’s Bread

Click “next” to see what Amy makes her son for lunch!

Learn more about Amy’s Bread here.

Brown Rice With Broccoli and Tofu
Amy Scherber’s Brown Rice With Broccoli and Tofu

Menu note: Not a fan of tofu? Use chicken instead.

Get the Brown Rice With Broccoli and Tofu recipe here.

Chef Julie Van Rosendaal
Julie Van Rosendaal

Her kid: son Willem, 4
Claim to fame: author of best-selling cookbooks One Smart Cookie, Starting Out, and Grazing; food and nutrition columnist on The Calgary Eyeopener on CBC Radio One; cohost of It’s Just Food on the Viva television network; a contributor to the new online food show Good Bite; and blogger for her blog Dinner with Julie

Click “next” to see what Julie makes her son for lunch!

Check out Julie’s food blog.

Chicken Hummus Wrap
Chicken Hummus Wrap

Menu note: Packed with protein, this wrap will keep your student full and focused during the school day.

Get the Chicken Hummus Wrap recipe here.

Chef Ana Sortun
Ana Sortun

Her kid: daughter Siena, 4
Claim to fame: owner and head chef at Oleana and Sofra; opened restaurants Moncef Medeb’s Aigo Bistro, 8 Holyoke, and Casablanca in Massachusetts; author of SPICE: Flavors of the Eastern Mediterranean; named Best Chef: Northeast honor in 2005 from the James Beard foundation

Click “next” to see Ana Sortun’s lunch ideas!

Check out Ana Sortun’s restaurant Oleana.

Carrot Salad With GInger
Ana Sortun’s Carrot Salad with Ginger

Menu note: Serve with whole wheat pita bread.

Get the Carrot Salad with Ginger recipe here.

Chef Cathal Armstrong
Cathal Armstrong

His kids: daughter Eve, 11, and Son Eamonn, 9
Claim to Fame: co-owner of Restaurant Eve, Eamonn’s A Dublin Chipper (named after his children), and PX; award-winning chef

Click “next” to see what Cathal Armstrong packs his kids for lunch!

Learn more about Restaurant Eve in Alexandria, Virginia.

Eamonn?s R.L.T.
Cathal Armstrong’s Eamonn’s R.L.T. (Rasher, Lettuce, and Tomato Sandwich)

Menu note: Rasher is a thin slice of fried or broiled bacon.

Get the Eamonn’s R.L.T. recipe here.

Chef Francisco Migoya
Francisco Migoya

His Kid: daughter Isabel, 5
Claim to Fame: associate Professor at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York; author of cookbooks Frozen Desserts and The Modern Cafe

Click “next” to see Francisco Migoya’s lunch ideas!

Visit Francisco Migoya’s blog.

Whole Wheat Mini Pita Pockets
Francisco Migoya’s Whole Wheat Mini Pita Pockets

Menu note: Can’t find mini pitas in your local grocery store? No problem! Just stuff a regular pita with these yummy ingredients.

Get the Whole Wheat Mini Pita Pocket recipe here.

Chef Chris Peitersen
Chris Peitersen

His kid: daughter Veronica, 5
Claim to Fame: executive chef for Carino’s Italian Restaurants

Click “next” to see Chris Peitersen’s lunch ideas!

Check out Chris Peitersen’s blog.

Deli-Style Turkey and Provolone Sliders
Chris Peitersen’s Deli-Style Turkey and Provolone Sliders

Menu note: This recipe is great for using up leftover turkey breast.

Get the Deli-Style Turkey and Provolone Slider recipe here.

Pizza Pasta Salad
Chris Peitersen’s Pizza Pasta Salad

Menu note: Kids love this twist on two of their favorite foods.

Get the Pizza Pasta Salad recipe here.


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