Fast & Healthy Meals for Kids by Pillsbury

13 Dec

Do you take advantage of the public library in your city?  I am a huge fan of the public library system and my family has been utilizing it a lot this past year for cook books, movies, CDs, kids and adult books, audio books, etc!  It’s fabulous once you start taking advantage of this public service!

So, here’s one of our latest finds – Pillsbury Fast and Healthy Meals for Kids.  My wife and I love looking at kid friendly cookbooks with our preschooler.  She, Julia, gets a kick out of it too.  This way we get her buy-in as she helps us pick which recipes to try.  Her involvement is key to trying new things and a great bonding session between parent(s) and child!  The best thing is these cookbooks give us neat ideas that we can adjust to suit our family.

Our favorites from this book were:

  1. Ghost Pancakes – not just for Halloween, have a fun spooky breakfast any time of year.  We use whole wheat pancake batter and sometimes add ground flax-seed!  This example also helps keep the chocolate chips to a minimum – although sometimes Julia wants “buttons” on the ghosts!  Making fun shapes is great for young kids – my mistakes ended up being a hand with 5 fingers or a squid…Julia loved it!
  2. Cheerios Yogurt & Fruit Parfait – we never thought of doing this before, but what a great, fun & yummy treat!  Something Julia can “create” on her own and it’s a healthy breakfast/snack/dessert!  We just cut wash & cut the fruit for her and let her make her own parfait!
  3. Broccoli Mac & Cheese – so simple, just add cooked macaroni noodles (again we try to use Barilla Plus Pasta or Ronzoni Smart Taste Pasta) to a cooked freezer bag of broccoli in cheese sauce!  Quick & easy meal with veggie in it!
  4. Creamy Yogurt Oatmeal – Julia likes oatmeal with raisins and brown sugar &/or cinnamon, so this idea of adding a dollop of yogurt to make this warm and healthy breakfast nice and creamy is great and simple!  Plus you add some calcium to this meal! 

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